Fasola Boot Camp - August 9-12
     We are pleased to announce the first of what is hoped will be an annual music camp on the west coast of the US devoted to Sacred Harp.

     The camp will take place just outside Anchorage, Alaska from August 9-12, 2018, at St. Therese‚Äôs Camp & Wilderness Lodge , 7180 E. Twin Lakes, Wasilla, Alaska. The camp starts Thursday evening and runs through Sunday morning. You can learn more about St. Therese's Camp here. If you are traveling to Anchorage and need help getting to Wasilla, let us know so we can try to arrange rides.

     Topics to be covered will include but are not limited to: vocal health, beginning sight-reading, intermediate sight-reading, accenting, beating time & leading, walking time, organizing an all-day singing, and more. Several well-known Sacred Harp teachers and experts will be present. Karen Willard, from Seattle, is the organizer. This promises to be really worthwhile.

     All instruction and singing will be from The Sacred Harp, W.M. Cooper Revision, 2012 ed. (the "blue book") Books will be available for those who don't have them.

     Note: if you are familiar only with the Denson edition of the Sacred Harp (the "red book"), there is a lot of overlap between the Denson and Cooper Sacred Harps. Both use 4 shapes. You will feel right at home with the Cooper songs, and learning some about the Cooper book will enhance your knowledge and appreciation of Sacred Harp generally and the Denson book specifically. More information comparing the Cooper and Denson Sacred Harp is at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zcWKRqKvbyZumq07giufa8mIH8aSZ7lv

     Subsequent camps will rotate first to the Seattle-Portland region, then the Oakland CA region, and then back to Alaska.

     The cost, for 3 days of Sacred Harp, is only $190, including food. That's a great price.

     This is a
really, really great opportunity to learn about and sing Sacred Harp for three days in a lovely setting.

     To learn more, or register, view and download the registration form at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zcWKRqKvbyZumq07giufa8mIH8aSZ7lv

     Please don't wait. This is a really wonderful opportunity. We anticipate singers will attend from throughout Alaska, and perhaps from Outside. You will make new Sacred Harp friends.

     If you are curious about Sacred Harp, please join us!

     If you want to increase your knowledge and appreciation of Sacred Harp, please join us!

     If you want to know more about early American music, please join us!

     If you want to get enthusiastic about Sacred Harp singing, please join us!

     If you love a cappella music, please join us!

     If you want to meet new singers who also enjoy Sacred Harp singing, please join us!

     If you want to get away on a personal retreat and enjoy rustic St. Therese's camp, please join us!

     If you want to sing Sacred Harp for 3 days, please join us!
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